Let's encrypt without installation

(A french post link is at the end)

As since the begining of the https certifications, the main difficulty was the price, the let's encrypt project is a good idea as it's allow anyone to have completely free certificates and it can help to lower the price of other certificate in many years.

But the way let's encrypt made their certificate process can stop people in their wish to use the great service as this need a program installation that run in root and access all your server configuration's files.

The problem is that :

  • You may want to avoid let's encrypt to access your private keys
  • You may not have the rights to install it
  • You may not have a supported system
  • You may not want to change your system
    • Because you have an server administration solution that support the classic way
    • Because you are not well experimented and doesn't want to break your system or configurations
    • For personal reason
  • You may not want to allow a script to run in root that can access and change all your configuration's files
  • You may have some incompatibilty with the let's encrypt program
  • etc...

Whatever reason you have, this is your choice and you are not the only one that want to use let's encrypt without to install the let's encrypt program.

Even if let's encrypt has released a manual process, this doesn't solve all problem and create a lots of manual process.

So i can talk to you about some great ideas that could solve some or even all problem i've listed before :

Another let's encrypt clients

And, for french people, you have also a great post here :

[French] Tutoriel let's encrypt semi-auto