License content

All content on this website is a do-not-sell-my-raw-work license.

The base idea of that license is to forbid somebody to take the work "as-is" or with only some basic changes and sell it, it can only help somebody to complete their work.

Crediting is not required but appreciated. If you do so, please dot not credit in any way that suggests i endorses you or your use.

To be clear:

  • You cannot sell this website content if this is the main or one of the most important part of your product. Example:
    • Direct sell
    • Paid content database/search engine (even with only a link to original)
    • ...
  • You can use content of this website even for paid content if this an add-on to another content witch is the main content. Example:
    • Use a cat picture for an article that talk about cat
    • ...
  • In any other situation, do what you want !

I can still reply to any questions