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  • To hide customs groups from search in IPS : In Theme personnalisation (customization->theme->default and button "edit html and css") open core->front->search nodes.

    Open "memberFilters" and "Filters" files.

    Now search for that line (For "memberFilters" : ± line 61, at the middle For "Filters" : ± line 273, at the end)

    {{foreach $elements['search_tab_member']['group']->options['options'] as $k => $group}}

    And add just after, that piece of code :

    {{if(substr($group,-1,1)==" " OR $k >6)}}

    Do the same for both files. You can adjust the "6" number to change witch groups will be hidden.

    Save the both files. Enjoy ! Question to IPS expert : the first part of the code should make any group name ended with a space invisible in that list, but that doesn't work, why ? (substr function doesn't receive the right value of $group ????)

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